Property insurance

Car insurance

Regardless of which vehicle you drive, good insurance coverage is very important. Partial cover insurance tailored to your needs offers a particularly favorable option for financially insuring your vehicle against theft, wildlife accidents or damage caused by natural forces. Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, even covers damage to your vehicle that you caused yourself. With the right car insurance, you are financially protected and can not only enjoy every drive, but also sleep more soundly at night.

Personal liability insurance

Private liability insurance protects you against damage you cause to third parties. Such insurance is particularly effective if you or your children damage property belonging to others. This happens faster than you would like in everyday life and in times when many people are on the road with expensive cars, smartphones and other valuables, high costs can quickly arise. Protect yourself from drastic financial consequences by taking out liability insurance tailored to your personal needs.

Legal protection

No one likes to have to deal with a legal dispute. If it cannot be avoided, it should at least not be accompanied by financial worries at the same time. Very high costs can arise if you have to fight a legal dispute to the end in order to get your rights. Legal expenses insurance covers all costs incurred in the course of the legal dispute. This includes in particular attorney’s fees and procedural costs. It does not matter what the outcome of the proceedings is and whether it concerns tenancy, construction, traffic, contract law or any other matter.
During a legal dispute, you already have enough on your plate. Therefore, let specialized lawyers take care of the matter and ensure with the right insurance that you do not have to worry about financial matters.

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